Depositing material in REAL establishes the following service agreement between the depositor and the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (the Library).

- The depositor bears the sole responsibility for any possible copyright infringement. The Library does not check whether the depositor has the necessary rights to deposit the document. In case a third party reports copyright infringement, the Library notifies the depositor, and might temporarily limit access to the document in question.

- The Library decides whether the document is appropriate for the given collection, checks the metadata and the file format. The Library might supply missing metadata, or correct erroneous ones.

- The Library publishes the accepted documents according to the "gratis" Open Access model, provides search and other facilities, and makes the metadata harvestable by the OAI-PMH protocol. Access to deposited full text documents might be embargoed according to the CTA between the Authors and the Publisher.

- The Library will provide 98% availability on a yearly basis.

- The Library provides help for the depositors and users via e-mail.

- The Library intends to preserve the deposited documents for the long term. Occasional migration of the service or the file formats might be necessary for the long term preservation and service. Item page URLs (e.g. ) are intended to be persistent.

- The Library might use the deposited documents for data and text mining (possibly in cooperation with external partners). The purpose of data and text mining is strictly scientific, bibliographic or bibliometric.

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