A zsidó identitás "üvegszilánkjai", avagy értelmezési kísérletek Chaim Potok A kiválasztott című regényéhez

Vanderstein, Noémi Viktória (2016) A zsidó identitás "üvegszilánkjai", avagy értelmezési kísérletek Chaim Potok A kiválasztott című regényéhez. PhD thesis, OR-ZSE.

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Supervisor name: Haraszti, György and Lichtmann, Tamás
DOI identifier : 10.13146/OR-ZSE.2016.002


American Jewish literature is a complex field containing numerous poems, short stories and novels. In my dissertation, I deal with one of the major representatives of the second generation of American Jewish writers, Chaim Potok. Next to his life, my interests go to his works, especially his first published novel, The Chosen. I examine this literary work from various aspects: – the meaning and the generations of American Jewish literature, – the life-stages and the works of the author, – the after-life of the novel, – the structure and the language of this novel, – the spectrum of the culture and of the Other, – the role of the subject and the identity, – the double ties and the Theory of the Jonah Complex, – the importance of the names in the story, – the title of this literary work focusing on the role of the characters, – the study of the working title of the novel through historical events, – father-son relationship, and – the analysis of the words and of the sentences through grammatical eyes. The Chosen is about two teenage boys and their fathers living in Williamsburg, New York, in the middle of the 20th century. Reb and Danny Saunders are from the Hassidic community while David and Reuven Malter come from the orthodox group. As time goes on, the reader meets the Holocaust, the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the foundation of Israel in the story. Whilst fathers and their sons have struggles in themselves, the solution of the situation comes at the end of the novel. The main characters face various challenges. Danny and Reuven are friends although they represent two different worlds of the Jewish tradition. Both boys face to the new trends of the outside world while they live in Jewish communities according to strict rules. Their fathers look at the society in different ways. David Malter and Reb Saunders represent the old values but they are ready to choose the new perspectives. By the end of the novel, the oppositions gradually disappear. Fathers and sons also find peace in their hearts which is the consequence of their tiring mental struggles so every main character reaches a development in his thinking.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Subjects: B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion / filozófia, pszichológia, vallás > BM Judaism / zsidóság
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